Friday, December 04, 2009

Jersey Shore

Thanks, MTV. By featuring a select group of miscreants on the show, Jersey Shore, you've singlehandedly confirmed the worst stereotypes people have of NJ residents. In a preview for an upcoming episode, a Guido punches a Guidette (sic) in the face. The subjects of this show make the characters from The Sopranos look elegant and sophisticated. No wonder Italian Americans are already protesting.


Blogger Brian said...

I can't wait to see it. I grew up with mostly Italian kids in East New York and could tell you a few stories about their grade school antics :

Anthony C. telling Sister Nora, "You're not in charge, I'm in charge!"

Rocco D. reply to a girl who asked if he had the time, pulling out a prophylactic, "You got the place?"

Henry I.'s mom, upon hearing her daughter curse in the house (what they call the F-bomb today): "I don't know where she gets this f***ing language."

My own parents never swore. My father absolutely never. Once my mother (what they call "my Mom" today) said "damn" when she cut herself and we wrote it on the calendar.

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